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Announcing CAMA’s NEW

Treatment for Chronic Pain: 

Battlefield Acupuncture


Are you in chronic pain? 

Are you concerned about the toxic effects of repeatedly taking pain medication to manage your pain? 


CAMA now offers a unique form of acupuncture known as “Battlefield Acupuncture” to treat pain. 


Just one treatment can reduce or eliminate pain. Relief can last for a few hours, days or longer.


This method was initially adopted by the U.S. military to aid injured soldiers while on the battlefield.  Now it is regularly used in military hospitals to relieve soldiers of pain and decrease or eliminate their pain medications. 


This special form of ear acupuncture uses semi-permanent needles which are either easily removed or fall out on their own after 2-4 days. 


A two year study done from 2009-2011 found that 89% of people had a decrease in pain levels after being treated with Battlefield Acupuncture. 


Battlefield Acupuncture is effective with:

  • Chronic Pain,

  • Headaches/Migraines,
    Post-Operative Pain,
    Acute Sprains/Strains,
    Hand Tremors and

  • The beauty of this protocol is it’s quick and effective!

Due to the use of solid gold needles, the cost of Battlefield Acupuncture is:  $55.00.

Elise Rivers is certified in Battlefield Acupuncture.

Book online as you would any acupuncture appointment, and when you receive your email confirmation, please send a quick reply stating you would like your visit to be for Battlefield Acupuncture.


Here is a recent interesting article for more information about Battlefield Acupuncture:
You may also call Joan Medsker with questions at 856-305-3465.

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Jan 06, 2005: CAMA was the first to bring this style of cost-efficient ($30-$45) acupuncture to Philadelphia (see newspaper clipping)




I've been shouting my recommendation of CAMA from the rooftops. The impact of acupuncture on my life has been profound.


THANK YOU for CAMA - the affordable pricing is what is allowing me to experience it.
                     V.C.--October 2011



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All of us at Community Acupuncture of Mt. Airy (take a virtual tour of CAMA) are excited to welcome you to become part of our healing center! Elise Rivers and her growing staff of acupuncturists, herbologists, fertility specialists and healers were the first to bring this style of cost-efficient ($30-$45) acupuncture to Philadelphia (see newspaper clipping) when we were a walk-in clinic way back in January 2005. We were also featured in the Chestnut Hill Local in September 2010.


We are committed to providing affordable healthcare that eliminates both the broken health care system's red tape and the insurance companies' inappropriate authority over your care. We want you to have the choice of an affordable, compassionate, effective, preventative, acute and chronic ailment care alternative; including: acupuncture, herbs and self-care education. We are an alternative for those who are insured, underinsured or not insured.

If the issues you're dealing with are complex and long standing, a session at Elise's private practice, Moon River Acupuncture, may be appropriate, please call for a free phone consultation.